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Compulsory subjects

  • Quantitative Methods in Research into the Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health

  • Qualitative Methods in Research into the Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health

  • Scientific Communication and Management of Research Projects

  • How to Write an Academic Paper

  • Doctoral Seminar I.

  • Doctoral Seminar II.

  • Doctoral Seminar III.

  • Participation in the Student Research Competition Organized at CMTF (IGA)

  • Study Stay Abroad

  • Active Participation in an International Conference

  • Active Participation in a Conference in the Czech Republic or Slovakia

  • Article in a Peer-Reviewed Journal

  • Article in a Journal Accredited within the RIV System

  • Participation in Research/Teaching Activities

  • Christianity and Religion

  • Introduction to Scientific Work


Elective subjects – group 1

  • Lecture at a Professional Seminar Abroad or in the Czech Republic or Slovakia

  • Supported Grant Project

  • Participation in a National or International Grant Project



Elective subjects – group 2

  • Statistical Data Processing 1

  • Statistical Data Processing 2

  • The Narrative Approach in Qualitative Research

  • The Phenomenological Approach in Health Research: Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA)

  • Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

  • Concept Mapping

  • Spirituality as the Basis of Spiritual Determinants of Health – Methodological Approaches

  • Research Methods in Health Sciencies



Elective subjects – group 3

  • Philosophical Anthropology and Philosophy of Science

  • Biblical Anthropology and a Holistic View of Man

  • Spirituality and Personal Development

  • Emotions and Health – a Socio-Psychological Perspective

  • Legal Aspects of Spiritual Health Care

  • Relational Aspects of Health in Relation to the Interpersonally Relational Image of God in the Christian Tradition

  • Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology

  • Attachment and Psychotraumatology from the Biopsychosocial Perspective

  • Strategy for Public Health Policy

  • Economics and Management in Health Care

  • Care for Mental and Spiritual Health

  • The Role of Spirituality in the Creation of Lifestyle

  • Philosophical Care of the Soul in Antiquity and Now

  • Implicit Motives and Healthy Development over the Life-Span

  • Human Wellness and Psycho-spiritual Wholeness

  • Assistive technologies: psychological and social aspects of their use

  • Psychosocial Aspects of Disease and Health Disadvantage

  • IBD in Patient Life

  • The Basis of Tumor Biology - Cellular Philosophy

  • Qualitative Research - DIPEx Methodology

  • Social Structure, Social Policy and Social Work

  • Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Social Work

  • Thoughts of P.A. Florenskij for Interdisciplinary Dialogue and for Psychology



Elective subjects – group 4

  • SCOPUS and WoS Citations

  • Citations – other

  • Authorship/Co-authorship of Other Outputs

  • Supervising a Bachelor's/Master's Thesis

  • Supervising a Student's Research Project

  • Other Scholarly Activities

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