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Olomouc – University Town

The University is situated directly in the historical downtown.

It is love at first sight!


Olomouc is a friendly town, safe, affordable, and with an international student community. Olomouc is large enough to accommodate all the modern facilities and services you need (university, medical centre and hospital, tourism office, public transportation, shopping opportunities, etc.), yet small enough to keep the cosy atmosphere, allowing you to literally just walk wherever you need to go. 


Read what Lonely Planet has to say about Olomouc.


Olomouc University Social Health Institute


(the umbrella organization for this PhD programme) is situated in the historical downtown, surrounded by parks, restaurants, cafés, shopping mall, cycling paths, just 5 minutes walking distance from the attractive city centre. It is seated in a newly reconstructed building with classrooms, areas for individual work as well as community areas allowing the students to discuss their research or just life. Olomouc lies in the vicinity of fortresses, view towers, chateaus and castles, lakes and numerous other tourist and cultural attractions.

Check out our newly refurbished center of research and science:

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