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Excellent Space for Science

Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health – PhD Programme

Study PhD at Palacký University Olomouc – Czech Republic

“I truly recommend this programme as the students are prepared for their independent inventive activity in researching not only social but also spiritual determinants of health. Thanks to taking into account the holistic approach to health, the programme helps to search for and study explanations to phenomena and relations that could not be explained in specialties with a narrow approach.” 

prof. Peter Tavel, Programme Guarantor


Excellent Space for Science

Social and Spiritual Determinants of Health – PhD Programme

Palacky University offers a four-year doctoral study programme taught in English that is primarily research-oriented and brings early stage researchers together to discuss, debate, and collaborate on current issues in global health, focusing on its social and spiritual factors through a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual model of health.

Aim and Structure

  • Gain the thorough knowledge of social and spiritual determinants of health

  • Design your own individual study plan

  • Know what the latest global research results are

  • Stay on top of the current issues that are being discussed in the academic community

  • Learn how to formulate hypotheses, i.e. identify research questions and analyse the results independently

  • Work with software for analyzing the qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. SPSS, NVivo)

  • Stay in touch with the scientific community through conferences

  • Publish at the international level (WoS journals)

  • Study the theory and concepts of socioeconomic inequalities in health

  • Prepare and manage research projects from grant proposal submission to the final report

  • Make a difference to the living and health conditions of people through your research

International Cooperation

Take advantage of our cooperation with other renowned universities – University of Groningen, Netherlands, and Maynooth University, Ireland. Their academic staff regularly gives lectures to our PhD students, providing them with the state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise. In addition, our PhD students are invited to join and work side-by-side with these partners in large international projects, such as SHAPES (Horizon 2020 project).


Our Experts/Tutors

While working towards their independent research projects, the students may

take advantage of the curriculum being tailored to the needs of each and every one of them, emphasizing individual approach – each student is assigned a tutor, an expert in their respective field of study. The tutor guides the student through all the necessary aspects a postgraduate student should know.


The interview is in English,  organised via Zoom and will take place in June each year.

Deadline for submission: 31 May each year


Alumni Testimonial:

“In my memories I like to go back to the friendly atmosphere, individual approach, interesting seminars and lectures as well as extraordinary help from the administration department. It goes without saying that my studies were also stressful, with pressure and communication challenges but in the end everything was solved for the common good. With happiness I remember taking the final exams and defending my dissertation – in the spirit of cooperativeness and respect.”


(MUDr. Ludmila Bartůšková, Ph.D.)

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